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Looking for the best clothing and accessories stores in Los Angeles, California? From jewelry to dresses we've compiled some of the best shops in LA.

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The Kitson celebrity boutique is for fashion innovators around the world. Discover the latest fashion craze and create your own trend with their large collection of Women's, Men's, Kids, and Baby designer clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. Looking for the hottest handbag it's here. Got to have that necklace you saw in People Magazine it's here. Where did Jessica get that scarf? Yep, at ki ...
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Maxfield is a favorite among celebrities offering unique clothing that cannot be found anyplace else. The women"s collection at Maxfield features well known designers such as Chanel and Balmain as well as collections from across the world. A popular Maxfield collection is Mastermind Japan, Masaaki Homma"s line straight from Tokyo that delivers perfectly crafted accessories and clothing that Maxfie ...
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Offering designer, relevant, and inspirational vintage selection, scout design and exclusives, vintage sourcing, inspiration, consulting and wholesale. ...
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