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Today's deal-hunting web sites have changed the once hit-or-miss aspect of scoring an amazing deal into more of a whenever-you-want affair. Check out these five popular deal-hunting sites to score deep discounts and bargain-basement prices.

Once upon a time you had to pore over the Sunday circulars to find word of a good deal—or you could just hope to stumble onto a great buy with dumb luck. Your neighbor might have told you a story like "I just happened to be walking by that little electronics store on the corner of 34th and they had a killer sale on TVs!" Times have changed, however, and while you can still find a great deal with nothing more than dumb luck, a 21st century conversation about a good deal sounds more like "I set up a category in my feed reader just for deal-hunting sites, filtered for TVs. I got this monster set for 65% off the day after Super Bowl Sunday."




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